Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to WOOOK!! 11/28/11

            I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgivings!  I spent the entire weekend building Ikea furniture and setting up my Black Friday purchases around the house (we only bought interior type stuffs).  We did take breaks every now and again... 7 - 40 minute breaks in fact.  This was the perfect amount of time to fully take in the glorious show that is "Downton Abbey."  We watched the entire first season over the weekend.

            I'm not going to bore you with details about the show or how much I loved it (WHICH I TOTALLY DID!)  I will however let the pictures do the talking!  Look at all this workness!

Philip - In Brooklyn

Monday, November 7, 2011

Back to WOOOK!! 11/8/11

            It's MONDAY!  Life has been crazy for the Kathleen and I but things are starting to calm down.  I found this strange little video and I hope you guys enjoy it.  Afterall what's better on a Monday then an 18th Century food fight?

Philip - In Brooklyn

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to WOOORK!! - 9/6/11

             We had Monday off, thank the lord baby Jesus for Labor Day!  I heard the original reason for Labor Day was to celebrate the birthing Mary endured for our lord and savior but they moved it to December in order to make winter a little more fun.  Not sure if that's true or if I made it up.

             Speaking of labor how about the work it takes to get to the top!  Well as I've always said I'm not opposed to the pretty girls marrying well.  Billie "Glinda the Good Witch" Burke had the right idea.  She was the second wife of one, Mr. Florenz Zeigfeld.  Maybe you've heard of him.  Inventor of the Ziegfeld Follies... Father of Broadway.  Well if you're gonna aim girls... AIM HIGH!  With a mug like that a gown that chic one can't help but have men throwing themselves at you...... WOOORK  it out lady friend!

 Philip - In Brooklyn

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to WOOORK!! - 8/29/11

            Well now that the Great Hurricane Scare of 2011 is over we can all finally get back to our normal lives.  But will anything ever be the same?  Of course it will!  It's Monday and you've still got to work.  So charter a burro and get your lazy bones into the office or so help me... SO HELP ME!!!

            Lucille Ball.  Maybe you've heard of her.  She starred in a little TV show called "Life With Lucy".  Well Miss Ball was working it long before she made her mark on TV.  She was in a delightful movie called "Dance Girl, Dance" (1940).  She played a dancer who worked her way to the top as a bawdy burlesque hoofer.  So if she can do it looking this good then you've got no excuse.  Se get out there and WOOORK!  But don't forget to stretch, because "I live to DANCE!" 

Philip - In Brooklyn

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to WOOORK!! - 8/22/11

           Ok Monday... we get it.  You can stop now.  Everytime I turn around it's Monday!  I feel like it was just Monday like 7 days ago!  Oh well... I have to apologize for my lack of posting.  My job has kept me extra busy to where I had barely enough time to write anything but emails.  But now I'm back and you're safe.

           So I was on Zappos and I came across the vintage looking men's shoes... and that gots my brain to thinking.  How fly would I look if I revamped my wardrobe to be entirely 1920s?!  Talk about SUPER DUPER WOOORK!  Now I haven't decided if this is something I am actually going to do.  After all it would require A LOT of commitment and a decent amount of money.  Swanky clothes ain't cheap...  but I would look pretty WOOORK!!

I'll take one of each... in 3 every color.

The is NOTHING better than a vintage tux.

Philip - In Brooklyn

Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to WOOORK!! - 7/25/11

            Mondays ugh!.... Am I right?  Don't get me started.  Don't EVEN get me started!  Take a cue from Anita Page.  Throw on something rife with sex appeal, give Monday a sassy look and say "Put an egg in your shoe bustah.... and beat it."

Philip - In Brooklyn

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Halloween is in the Works

               Let me start out by apologizing for my blog-tastic absence.  I have been working myself to the bone on my other blog project,  The news over there is that I have begun the marathon leading up to Halloween!  The plan is to do the Wizard of Oz cast but reverse the genders.  I will be a Bob Mackie inspired Wicked Witch (see sketch below).

               Pretty sweet huh?!  I'll be posting milestones on here but for the blow by blow action visit the Bob Mackie Blog.

Philip - In Brooklyn

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to WOOORK!! - 7/11/11

            Monday is upon us once again.  Let's all take a lesson from Miss Dietrich.  If you have to work.  You may as well show up looking like this.  WOOOORK!!

Philip - In Brooklyn

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!


Try and take it easy today.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finished! Emma's Bonnet

Hi Everyone,

Here's another little project I finished recently.  It's a dog bonnet for my friend's beautiful adopted puppy, Emma.

Ain't she adorable, y'all?? 
Meet Emma!

This bonnet was based off of Honey's old calico one.
A little technical sketch and measurements of Honey's original bonnet.

Pattern drafted of the brim, body, and crown based on Honey's bonnet measurements.

The pieces, all cut out in black & white polka dot cotton.  I cut an extra piece of the crown in plain black cotton, which will be the lining.  The brim is "Cut 2"  in self fabric and "clean finished" along the front and side edges.
The bonnet coming together:  The body is bound in black  bias tape at the edges of the ear holes.  The brim is gathered and about to be attached to the body.  The body is gathered into the crown, and will be sewn after the brim.

Brim is stitched to the body to the wrong side with grosgrain ribbon folded in half and layered on top.

Outside View #1:  The brim and ribbon trim is pressed to the outside and topstitched in place.  The body of the bonnet has been gathered and sandwiched in between the crown self and lining before sewing.

Outside View #2:  Grosgrain ribbon has been applied as binding to the bottom edge of the bonnet.

Inside View:  As you can see, this construction method "clean finishes" the inside of the bonnet with no raw edges.  Built tough.  Built to last.....That's how I roll!

Close up of the bonnet's brim detail.  (Sorry for the weird  was a beautifully bright day!)  I created matching grosgrain bows that will sit on top of each ear.  Hella Cute!!!

And here's another view of the bonnet flat, with matching grosgrain ribbon ties tacked at the sides of the bottom edge.  The narrow plaid ribbon is tacked at the front and back sides, and sits under Emma's ears to hold the bonnet in place.

Finished!  A front view

....And a side view
Stay still, Emma!!!  The bonnet fits a little big all over, but she's gonna grow into it!

Emma and her lovely bonnet were going to make their debut at this year's Pirate Faire in Vallejo, until we found out that dogs were not allowed this year.
To bad, really...
Emma's a wiggle-worm of a puppy, but she's quite the well-behaved lady...except when she's trying to drink your out!  She's a big fan!
I'm a Miller Lite gal myself....but to each her own!

-Kathleen, In Oakland
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