Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to WOOORK!! - 9/6/11

             We had Monday off, thank the lord baby Jesus for Labor Day!  I heard the original reason for Labor Day was to celebrate the birthing Mary endured for our lord and savior but they moved it to December in order to make winter a little more fun.  Not sure if that's true or if I made it up.

             Speaking of labor how about the work it takes to get to the top!  Well as I've always said I'm not opposed to the pretty girls marrying well.  Billie "Glinda the Good Witch" Burke had the right idea.  She was the second wife of one, Mr. Florenz Zeigfeld.  Maybe you've heard of him.  Inventor of the Ziegfeld Follies... Father of Broadway.  Well if you're gonna aim girls... AIM HIGH!  With a mug like that a gown that chic one can't help but have men throwing themselves at you...... WOOORK  it out lady friend!

 Philip - In Brooklyn
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