Thursday, October 16, 2014

More progress: bodice and skirt

Bodice pcs are stitched together.  Now I'm leveling out the skirt shape:

Halloweiner costume: prepping the bodice pieces

Hey Y'all!

More progress:  Flatlining and prepping the pieces for assembly.

After cutting, each piece of fashion fabric and muslin are layered together, then sealed together by stitching the edges.  
First, a straight stitch on the sides to stabilize the layers from moving around.
I use the longest stitch length on my machine, 3/8" from the edge with no back-tacking.  This acts as a running stitch or tailors tacks, and tension can be easily adjusted later to ease fullness and get pcs to join smoothly.  
Next, they are finished with a zig zag stitch on a long setting to encase the raw    edge. This can be done with a serger, if you have one.  
I used random neon thread on the top side of the zig zag for a little pizazz on the inside:

CF Pcs: note the fullness at the bust curve has already been eased up a bit with the straight stitch for good cup depth and fit:

Side Front Pcs:

Side Back Pcs: (that puckering will go away when assembled)

Center Back Pcs:

-Kathleen, In Oakland

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloweiner costume progress: Part the First

J'excuse dat Miller Lite in the background...

My bustier block, cut from scraps of black printed stripe and checker cotton with a white ground, flatlined in scraps of muslin.  

-Kathleen, in Oakland
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