Monday, November 22, 2010

Back to WOOORK!! 11-22-10

           Well it's time to get back to WOOORK!  This edition is featuring none other than Miss Millie Dilmount.  Julie Andrews, in "Thoroughly Modern Millie", portrayed a young "modern" in 1920s New York City.  Millie is looking for love, types 40 words per minute and excels in singing catchy bad ass musical numbers.  Also while all this is going on she rocks a Jean Louis ensemble that really delivers.  No I mean REALLY delivers!  This is one of those "Punch a Bitch in the Face" kind of looks that leaves your jaw smartin' for days!  Little known fact is that Miss Dilmount, in the opening sequence of this movie, is the original inspiration for the term "WOOORK!"

Philip - In Brooklyn

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