Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hand In Glove, Part Deux: The Revenge of Mitts and Mittens!

Hey y’all! 
This is just a little “Part 2” entry about our pattern restoration project we posted last week.
The main objective is to utilize an old, forgotten crumbling pattern, and create our own glove design with adjustable finger length.
However, I simply didn’t have the heart to ignore the Mitt and Mitten pattern also included in our original assortment…..seriously, how adorable are THESE?! 
LOVE & NEW LIFE:  These styles are also unique, and have fabulous potential!
So, same process as the gloves:  The original, fragile tissue pattern is traced AS IS onto white paper.  Carefully mark the overall shape, all notches and punch holes:

Above Images:  Left = Original Tracing of Mitten.  Right = Oringinal Tracing of Mitt.
Double-check, TRIPLE-CHECK all markings, then, immediately put the tissue pieces back in the original envelope for long-term storage.
As with the glove pattern in the previous post, this first tracing is now the original, exact copy, and will remain that way for reference.

A 2nd tracing is made from the first:

NOTE:  Overall shape is “cleaned up” and all punch hole shapes are translated into modern-day labeling of grainlines, slash lines, and seam allowances.
AGAIN, VERY IMPORTANT: Before these tracings are shipped to Philip for testing, I make a copy of each for our records, and the possible “what if’s” to be prepared for when developing any new pattern.


-Kathleen, In Oakland

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