Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to WOOORK! 4-11-11

Hi Everyone!

It’s Monday.  Again. 
But don’t let the M-word get you down! 
Today’s back to wooork is brought to you by our dear friend, Esther Williams.  In her heyday, this she lived in her bathing suit.  Don’t hate!!  This gal worked hard for the money!!  Making “aquamusicals” was her bread & butter.  Miss Williams spent so much time "dancing" in the pool that she became a co-designer and fit model for Jantzen.  They developed and tested out a new fabric called Lycra, and created swimsuits for her films.  With Esther's input, they contributed to the revolution of womens mass-market swimwear in the 20th century. 
Before Esther Williams, girls swimsuits fastened closed with a metal zipper...and did I mentioned they were knitted out of wool?  Yeah.  Gross.  We have a lot to thank her for.
….imagine if a bikini was your uniform?! 
Now get back to WOOOORK!

 -Kathleen, In Oakland

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