Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finished! Another "Commuter" Rosette

Hey Y'all! 

Sorry AGAIN for the lack of posts.....I'm workin' hard for the money over here, and there hasn't been a lot of time to blah-blah-blah about the fun projects lately....but they are a-happening, bit by bit!

Anyhoo, here's a lil' something I finished this week while commuting to work.  I take TONS of public transportation every day, and always have sewing projects with me to pass the time efficiently/keep hope alive. 
Mostly, I make rosettes.  Lots of this one here, which is a full cardigan knitted ruffle recycled from a old sweater...I LOVE the sparkly Lurex thread...It's so 80's!!  

The silver leaves are sold by-the-yard at Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics in Bizzerkley.  
They come in silver and a pretty, natural green ultrasuede.  I love having them on hand for stuff like this.  

The underside of the rosette is neatly finished with  an antiqued copper barette.  
I must say, these metal clips are wonderful, and can be easily worn in the hair, on a hat, or in the lapel of a jacket. 

More pretty things to come!!

-Kathleen, In Oakland

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