Thursday, May 22, 2014

OMG, Ponies!!!

Hi Everyone!

Another finished project to share today!
This one is great, because it was almost a total failure, then it became something better than the original plan!
This project involved Frankenstein-ing a couple of shirts together to make one really awesome shirt ...WITH PONIES ON IT!
Did I mention there were ponies?
And glitter? And tiny blue rhinestones? And NO pink??
Found this shirt in the Girls dept. at Old Navy. I bought the biggest size (XL) but it was still too small.
I tried cutting it up to re-work the fit...still, nothing wearable.  
Defeated, I put the shirt away in hopes of figuring something out, one day.
Months went by...
Then, I was doing some spring cleaning and found a basic men's size M tee in my stash that happened to be the same shade of blue as the pony print! A vibrant violet blue!

So, I turned the mens Medium tee into a Women's 8 Size Size 10 peasant top! 
Here's a lil' sketch of what I did:
Red line indicates the changes:  Crew neck was cut out and changed to "peasant" style with adjustable ribbon drawstring.  Side seams were added to reduce the waist and add curves in the right places.
 After that, I simply cut out the pony print, and machine appliqued the image on top of the shirt, using a 2 rows of straight stitches, 1/8" apart, approx. 3/8" away from the raw edge.
The finished product looks like THIS:

En Voila!  After the scoop neck & keyhole are cut, all edges are finished with a zig-zag.  Keyhole edge is turned back approx. 1/4" then sewn with a straight stitch about 1/4" from the folded edge.  Next, neckline is turned back approx 5/8" and sewn with a straight stitch about 1/2" from the folded edge.  This forms the channel for the drawstring, which is threaded through and ties at the CF keyhole.  Approx. 4" total was removed at the waist area through the side seams to give a bust-waist-hip ratio instead of one big tube shape.
And THEN...I gave the shirt to my "baby" sister, Mary...she loves ponies too...tee-hee!
As you can see, it fits her great, and she is very happy:

Another project....DONE!!!!

I will do another post on converting Man-Tees into Girl-Tees in the near future :)

-Kathleen, In Oakland


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