Thursday, November 4, 2010

Toadstool - Wrap up!

I know you're all sick of me posting about my Toadstool costume.  That's why this is the last installment; so you can quit--yer-bitchin!  See how the sassy little gal worked out!

            Ryan and I met up with my dear friend Prissy at the salon she works at down in the Lower East Side, Fringe.  Prissy was getting ready for the parade there and let us crash and even offered to help get my mug ready for the event.  Our friend Nancy and Jason met us there as well.  Ryan was Raccoon Mario from Mario 3, Nancy was King Koopa and Jason was Thug Luigi.  It was an epic 4-way group costume!  So we put ourselves together and headed out!  Nancy and Jason made their outfits, and I hooked Ryan up Raccoon Mario style.

 Photo courtesy of Ryan's Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Ryan's Facebook

Photo courtesy of Ryan's Facebook

It was a crisp windy evening and I felt terrible for laughing my ass off at the girls dressed as Hookers, well not that terrible.  Walking fast definitely helped us keep warm.  As we neared the entrance of the parade the frequency of us getting our picture taken increased which was nice to see people freakin out over us!  But then I started to feel like Britney Spears.  I was moments away from tearin’ off my wig and screaming “Leave me and my babies ALONE!” but I held it together, for the sake of my adoring public. 
Photo courtesy of Ryan's Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Prissy's face book
So we made our way to the entrance of the parade which is ALWAYS a bottle neck of people since they like to stagger people and floats into the parade.  The problem here was that I was wearing a giant hoop skirt that was slowly getting more and more crushed… I kind of saw this coming.  But I was still a little sad on the inside.  Once we got into the parade and had room to readjust myself things were back to normal.  Once again tragedy struck… well not really.  What I failed to realize when making my hoop skirt was that the vertical strips that were holding my hoops in place were not anchored to the hoops so they could slide around them.  And slide they did.  As I walked the strips made there way to one place along the hoop.  I’m sure this had something to do with the weight of the skirt.  So as I walked the lowest hoop was sticking out of the back and was pissing me off with its insolence.  But since I was a boyscout I acted fast.  With a little help from Nancy we pulled the bottom hoop out and ditched it along the parade route.  This made life a lot easier.  Moral of the story is that the vertical strips MUST be anchored.... MUST I SAY!

Photo courtesy of Prissy's Facebook

After the parade we commenced the DRINKIN'!  And drink like champs we did.  But first I stopped by Prissy's house and ditched my hoops.  This made drinking MUCH easier.  Not to mention I could get sassy with my skirt... heheh.  After going home little buddy Ryan fell right into bed... and he woke up the next morning in full costume, mustache and all.

 Photos courtesy of Ryan's facebook

Philip - in Brooklyn

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