Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Dirndl, a Story...

Greetings from California!!
Whilst Philip is beading up his gorgeous Black Beauty, over here on the west coast I'm getting ready for some wonderful Oktoberfest shizz!!

I'm currently creating a dirndl..... so I can be well dressed while wasted, of course. 
It's a lovely outfit consisting of a dress, blouse and pettioat.  (ain't that sketch pretty?!)
Folkwear patterns have always been a personal favorite of mine, and this was a wonderful opportunity to try #123, the Austrian Dirndl.  Currently, I'm a good 50% done with the outfit, so there will be more to come on this process very soon.   This  whole project "stash-tastic" as most of the fabric, trims, and notions were already on hand. 
Oct. 4th is the deadline for this project.  Stay tuned!!

-Kathleen in Oakland, CA


  1. did you finish the dirndl? your sketches are gorgeous.

  2. We need to see and hear more about the Dirndl. Did you finish it?


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