Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mad About Joan!

            So me and the mans have been catching up on the “Mad Men”.  So far Season 2 disk 3, and let me tell you I am in LOVE!  She is a vision in her tight, tight wiggle dresses, and her sassy up-dos and no nonsense office politics send shivers up my spine.  Of course I am talking about Sally Draper.  Oh I can’t lie to you…   I love Joan!  Joan, Joan, Joan Holloway.  I wish she would slink on over to my side of the bench seat of my 1959 Plymouth.
            In the words of Warren McKenna, “She’s so much woman."

Philip - in Brooklyn


  1. I agree. Joan is probably my favorite of the side characters. I'm glad she got more of a role in later seasons and grew a bit, but she's still as stylish as ever!

  2. Way to jump on the band wagon in season 4!


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