Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Always on My Mind - Public Enemy

          My Mind was wondering today so I started sketching a sweater I've been mulling over.  Ever since I knitted Ryan his V-neck Sweater Vest I've been pining for my own.  While watching "Public Enemies" I spied a Navy Blue sweater vest that looked like it had some fancy cabling going on.  It was that instant love at first sight you feel in a fleeting glance just before it disappears.  The man wearing it was a non speaking character so I can't find any pictures of it online.  So I'll just have to go off of initial gut inspiration.  The plan is to do a varigated cable on the front and back of a solild color Navy Sweater Vest.  I think it will be super sophisticated.  The rich Navy color will be very masculine and the cables will add a touch of soft texture.

           I have a few pounds of Navy Merino Wool that I plan on trying out on this classy little number.  It's fairly thin so I'm gonna try running it through the machine 4 plys; probably on tension setting 4 or 5 so it's not too stiff.  Just for shits and giggles I think I'll try 3 plys Navy Merino and 1 ply Black Wool Mohair I have, just to see how it looks.  Certainly more to come on him, Public Enemy.

Philip - In Brooklyn

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