Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inspiration is Everywhere!

Hello Everyone!

Here’s a little mid-week inspiration, courtesy of the San Francisco Ballet and the St. John’s store on Market Street. 
(I snapped these pics with my blackberry, so my apologies for the quality)
Like a moth to a flame,
Like a fly to honey,
I was drawn in by the tractor beam of THIS: 
Traditional tutu gown:  Princess-cut white crushed velvet, with silver snowflake appliqués and sequins.
I wonder if St. John's has hidden cameras in front of the window? 
Because the reaction of every woman walking by is priceless
Just watch our eyes light up with awe and wonderment! 
What's that sound??  Oh, that's my inner child squealing with delight, for a dress like this is what we all dream about, isn't it?

I was never a big fan of white crushed velvet, but suddenly I want yards and yards of it!!

Here's another bit of magical ballet goodness:
Just Amazing!!! 
Liquid-y silver asymmetrical toga-style gown, with stunning strategic silver beading,
sequins, and rhinestones. 
Moon wire headdress with pearls and silver beads.


-Kathleen, In Oakland

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