Tuesday, January 4, 2011

VIDEO - How to Sew a Silk Ribbon Binding

Hey there Patterned History Peeps!  So today is very special... VERY VERY SPECIAL.  For today is the launch of our first Video Blog Post! (Hold for applause).  Today's video is about the Haute Couture technique of applying a silk ribbon binding to your sewing projects.  This technique is AWESOME!  You can use this technique anywhere on soft drapey fabrics.  Works wonderful for sheers and solids.  Recently I used this to edge a bridal veil and it gave it such a beautiful and crisp finished edge.  The technique does take some time and might take a few rounds of practice but once you master it it will raise the level of your work to that of the French master.  The best part is that you use narrow ribbons, 3/8"-1/4", and since you fold the ribbons in half your finished edge can be as narrow as 1/8".  In my own sewing I will find any reason to use it. 
            Now please be kind this is my first try at shooting, editing and doing voice-overs.  But I hope you find this video informative and inspiring.  Let me know you’re thoughts.  We would love to know more about our readers needs and interests.
            Thanks for Watching!

Philip – In Brooklyn


  1. Loved the video!

    I do not sew, but you definitely did a great job explaining.


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