Saturday, September 18, 2010

BLACK BEAUTY – A Little Black Story

            So a while back I was going through a box of vintage patterns that was given to me by my stepmother and sister that was collected over the years.  Ebay is a hell of a drug.  Anywho…  So I came across this little gem, a sassy little number by Ceil Chapman from 1961.  How could I not!?  So I quickly went through my fabric stash and landed on a black poly-satin.  Nothing too flashy let the design speak for itself.  Then inspiration blindsided me like Sandra Bullock’s adopted son in that movie she won the Oscar for, “Speed 2”.  What is the only thing that could make a frock like this better?!  BEADS!  Mass quantities of seed beads! 
            Now she’s all sewn up, and I am currently in the process of strategically covering her in seed beads in Matte Black and Shiny Raven hues.  So far she’s looking great!  I’ll post pictures soon!
            Many people have asked me what I’m gonna do with her when I’m finished, I've named her Black Beauty, (don't judge).  My answer always is, “Show it off to people and force them to compliment me on how awesome I am, until they become uncomfortable.”

-Philip in Brooklyn

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