Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twitpicy Goodness - Milla Jovovich

            So everyone’s favorite zombie killer and Blue Lagoon resident tweeted herself in a period costume.  Not sure what period exactly… but you GOTTA LOVE that color of burnished silver.  After doing about 3 minutes of investigating, it turns out Milla is currently filming "The Three Muskateers" with Orlando Bloom due out 2011.
            Work it out Ms. Jovovich!  WORK IT OUT!!!!  Big thanks to my man's Ryan for bringing this Breaking News Story to my attention!

@ MillaJovovich - Well here I am skirts, floppy hat n all! Lol!

Supplimentally -
Via another photo of Milla on the set of "The Three Musketeers" in what appears to be a similar but different costume.
Philip - Brooklyn


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