Monday, September 20, 2010

OBSESSING – The Cocoon Coat

            Obsession is a tough thing to live with, especially when it’s worn by the devastatingly handsome quarterback of your high school football team.  But it’s not the Calvin Klein fragrance I am referring to this time.  It’s that keep you up at night kind of obsession.  It’s the; you should be working but instead your surfing the web looking for answers kind of obsession.  Currently I’m opining about Cocoon Coats…
            When I was a young buck in the stone ages of the 1980s  I would watch endless hours of the Disney Channel, which for some reason played a lot of old school musicals, I ain’t bitchin!  And there in the radioactive glow of the tube I sat stone cold as the opening of “My Fair Lady” began.  The opera let out and a sea of Cecil Beaton clad beauties descended the grand stair case.  Every last one of those high class hoochies was wearing a cocoon coat in every color imaginable, and there began my obsession with that shaped garment. 

Cecil Beaton - Showing how it's done.
            So after years of learning to sew and honing my craft as a designer I’ve decided to put a cocoon coat in my “Cue of Projects”.  I’m planning on using Folkwear’s Poiret Coat #503 as a base and then altering the pattern to get the dramatic shape I want.  Since I’m only in the early stages of brainstorming and planning I’ve been doing some research on the cocoon coat and Paul Poiret, since that seems to be one of his key shapes.  So far Daddy likes what he sees.  Lush fabrics, fancy closures, art deco motifs with a hint of orientalism, what’s not to love?

Folkwear #503


A contemporary cocoon by Galliano

J.C. Leyendecker showing how a cocoon should be worn.

            I’ll keep you guys posted.  I just wanted to give you a peek of what’s on deck.

-Philip in  Brooklyn

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