Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Dirndl-ness: The Inspiration

Why I am making a dirndl???
Short and Sweet:  Last year, I attended an Oktoberfest shin-dig at this bar in Alameda and loved it. 
This year, my friends and I are going again, and we are all dressing up!    
There are not many dirndl patterns on the market, so I decided to try Folkwear’s Austrian Dirndl.   Why Folkwear?  I’m not gonna lie, it’s the sketch on the front cover.  I mean, c’mon…that’s cute as hell! 
Folkwear Pattern #123. 
Sketch by Gretchen Sheilds
 Of course, I fully intend to change and “tweak” the original Folkwear design to what I want.   This pattern is just a starting point for me, a guideline.  I will create my own construction method & details.

My goal was to keep it simple and not go nuts. *um......insert laugh track here?*
I needed to research, decide on a design, and stick to the plan. 
Also, I wanted needed to utilize as much STASH FABRIC as possible.
A yummy little piece of inspiration from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

An example of the *better* ready-made Dirndl outfits that can be purchased online.  I LOVE the trim at the neckline!

Holy crap, do I LOVE this dress!!!  My inspiration for the skirt length and shape.  Love the extra-fullness, shorter length and cartridge pleating.  Just adorable!

Left Side: A collection of my Dirndl sketches & notes.  Right Side:  The fabric & trims I will be using for the dress and apron.

So, to re-cap, I am currently creating the following:
Dirndl dress:  Fitted, sleeveless, button-down bodice with knee-length full skirt attached.  (Folkwear Bodice A, with button closure.)
Blouse: A crop length peasant style blouse with full sleeves. (Folkwear Blouse B, with lower front neckline.)
Apron:  Simple gathered apron with ties
snapshot of flat sketches in the Folkwear pattern

My next post will be alllllll about the fitted dirndl bodice...that was quite an adventure, and I will post very soon :)

-Kathleen in Oakland

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