Monday, September 27, 2010

Inspiration – “The Great Gatsby”

            In July of this year there was a 1920s Lawn Party out on Governor’s Island.  So of course I had to make myself, and my mans, some sweet sweet “Great Gatsby” digs.  I chose to make myself a waistcoat and knitted Ryan a V-Neck sweater vest.  Of course my inspiration behind these beauties was Mr. Jay Gatsby himself as portrayed by Robert Redford. 

Here is a photo from the movie of Redford and Mia Farrow. 
Redford is wearing a cable knit V-neck sweater. 

The event we went to was in the dead of summer and it was about 9,000 degrees out.  So I opted for to make a vest instead of a full sweater.  Ryan, the poor sap, would have dropped dead in that heat… and most likely taken me down with him.  Ryan’s vest was machine knitted light weight white alpaca wool.  I took some liberties (GASP!), and added a merino wool navy stripe to the hem, neck and armhole ribs.

Ryan wearing his sweater vest, he held up well in the heat.
I use a Bother KH680 Machine with Ribber attachment.  This was my first project where I employed the use of a cable stitch.  Turned out pretty good I must say!  You can say it too if you like, down in the comment section.  Don’t be shy.

Here is Redford in a White 3 piece suit.
This is me.  A few refreshing drinks into this shindig.

I used the 3 piece suit as inspiration for the double breasted vest.  It is made of white summer weight wool with an off white slubbed silk lining and back panels.  The notched lapel is what drew me to this design.  I used a contemporary pattern, so there goes the period accuracy.  Although I did tailor the fit so I could forgo that stupid adjustable strap on the back. At least I looked good doing it though?

Philip - In Brooklyn 


  1. I loved you in this when it was posted the first time in Facebook. Ryan's vest is great "GASP" or not. The head "tops" it all off. Smiles...

  2. I'm considering making myself a v-neck cabled sweater vest. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!


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