Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun with Lurex

           Hey there Patterned History readers.  Hope your weekend was the bee's knees.  If not I hope who ever ruined your weekend gets what's coming to him.  This weekend I did a bit of sewing and while I was sitting at the machine I decided to bust out some Lurex thread.  I picked this thread up at a little trim store in the fashion district of NYC when I was out buying stuff for a project.  The colors just spoke to me.  Mostly saying "Sparkly sparkly.... buy us," and I couldn't help but obey them.  In order to give the thread more body and make the sparkle more subtle I ran the lurex through the machine with one ply of standard black thread.  When I ran these deco stitches that actually look a bit raised.  It's very luxe... oh la la!  Hopefully I'll find a use for these threads in a project soon!

Philip - In Brooklyn

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