Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun with Xmas clearance ribbon...

Hey Y'all! 
Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas holiday! 

We have been hard at work creating and finishing beautiful projects to share with our readers.
While on the subjects of beautiful projects....isn't Philip's latest sweater (Seawolf) f'ing A-MaZING!?!?

It's not every day you find detailed blogs on MEN'S KNITTING, right?! 
Ugh, so much WOOOORK-ness!!

Anyhoo, here are some lil' quickie fun projects I completed just in time to wear for Xmas:  A couple of ribbon rosettes made from holiday ribbon I found for 60% off at Michael's a few weeks ago.

Big-ass Christmas rosette made with 2 different printed ribbons.  Glitter stamen centers (found in the cake-making section @ Michael's) The leaves are 2 different colors of green organza ribbon for just the right sparkle 'n pop!

Another Christmas rosette, made with 2 different kinds of "peppermint twist" printed ribbon for that Willy Wonka effect, lol.   The unusual pill-shaped stamen centers add to the weirdness.  Leaves are pre-cut microsuede available by-the-yard at Stone Mountian & Daughter fabric store, in Berkeley, CA. 

A under-view of the "Willy Wonka" rosette.  Note the matching red clip.  I was super-stoked to discover good quality painted metal clips at the beauty supply down the street...YAY!

-Kathleen, in Oakland

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