Monday, December 6, 2010

Seawolf - Front

            Hello everyone.  Seawolf is coming along nicely.  Finished kitting the front.  I designed the sweater to have a kangaroo pocket on the inside, hidden if you will. I wanted to knit this in a way that had as little sewing as possible.  Here is a quick run down of how it went.

1) Knitted the bottom rib
2) Using waste yarn marked the center needles where the pocket will be placed
3) Knit to the bottom of the pocket opening
4) Put sides on hold and knit center stitches and decreased as pattern shows for pocket
5) When pocket is finished cast off top onto waste yarn. Remove from machine and let hang to the knit side
6) Rehang the marked purls back onto the machine knit to bottom of pocket opening
7) take sides off hold and continue to knit to the top of pocket
8) Transfer center needles onto the ribber to move them out of the way
9) Rehang the top of the pocket onto the machine making sure no stitches get dropped and unravel waste yarn cast off
10) Transfer needles from ribber back onto knitter and continue knitting

           I continued kitting up to the bottom of the armhole, marked those and decreased for the shaping.  I designed this so it had an area of purl stitched surrounding the neck to give it some stitch texture.  This was easy to do since I followed my pattern grid and just transferred the stitches to my ribber.  I had to do some partial knitting and some decreasing the shape the neck and the shoulder slope.  After all that it turned out pretty nice.  Notice the pink yarn?  It is waste yarn that I knit the shoulders onto so I can "graft" the shoulder seam together.  Grafting is simply a way of attaching shoulder seams seamlessly.

           I hope you enjoy the pictures of my progress.  More to come soon!
Philip - In Brooklyn

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