Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Seawolf - Finito!

          Hey there P.H. peeps!  So the day has finally come Seawolf is FINISHED!!!  I got distracted by projects that had due dates but that's forgivable.  In order to finish my baby boy all I had to do was set in the sleeves.  So I pinned those mugs in place and used the yarn tails and back stitched them in place stretching slightly after a few stitches to make sure the seam didn't tighten.  Then I wove in all the loose ends and VOILA, a finished sweater!
Please forgive my appearance...
I was snowbound indoors that day so cut me some slack.

For your enjoyment I've included the video "Wicked Blood" by the band Seawolf.  
One of my faves.  Enjoy!

Philip - In Brooklyn


  1. I'm such a fan of this sweater. I may have to make myself one!

  2. I'll get my shit together and fine tune the pattern so it's all perfect and then I'll publish it for you.


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