Monday, December 27, 2010

Sea Wolf - Ribbed for Everyone's Pleasure!

            The snow fell in record numbers last night.  Almost 20" in some places!  Hopefully this reaches the outside world before we run out of provisions.  I'm sure it will, the internets is crazy magic.  Since I have so much indoor time on my hands I thought this would prove to be the perfect opportunity to share with you the ribbed collar and pocket ribs I hooked up on Seawolf.

           I learned from a video on machine knitting back in the day how to construct and finish a sweater.  The nice lady recommended sewing on shoulder together then rehanging the neck line back on the machine so you can attach and knit the collar rib all at once.  After the Neck rib is finished you can cast off the rib and seam the other shoulder and neck rib all at once.  It's a great idea and works like a charm.  The only thing I find tedious is casting off rib knit so I found another way to work it out.  So my system is to hold the neck line up to the machine to see how many needles I will need to rib.  But instead of hanging the sweater back onto the machine i just knit the rib as you would any other piece of the sweater.  

          When you reach the proper width you desire you just transfer all the needles onto the knitter and then hang the neckline onto the machine (purl side facing you).  Then you crochet cast off and BOOYAH!  

          The ribbing is complete and sewed on all in one simple and easy step.  The only thing you have to keep in mind is that when conventionally knitting you normally have your end stitches on the knitter, but since you are knitting so that you will be sewing right sides together you will need to have your end stitches on the ribber.  On a crew neck or "U" shaped neck line you can knit the neck rib all in one piece.  On other shapes such as V-Necks and Shawl Collars like mine you will need to knit in two pieces and seam at the shoulder.

           For the ribbing on the pockets I did the same thing.  I used the tails to sew the sides to the body in place.  They turned out just right!  Next up... Attaching the sleeves to the body!

Philip - In Brooklyn

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