Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More fun with flower-making...tiny cocktail hat: Part 1

Hello Everyone,

Over the Christmas break, I broke into my out-of-control extensive collection of ribbon and went on a marathon of rosette-making, trying different trims and techniques.

I thought it would be really fun to create a lil' cocktail hat (of sorts) that is festooned in tiny ribbon roses.
Something I could wear when I have drinks lunch with The Ladies, ya know?

So.... I made a small headband-style frame out of wire with a pointed front:
Aluminum wire covered with scraps of printed black cotton.  Heavyweight non-fusible interfacing is used to interline the point for smoothness and comfort.  All edges are clean-finished and whipstitched closed along the back.

Yep, stays in place like a headband! 
 Then I started pinning all the various silver roses on it:
This hat is intended to be worn with an updo.....think I might add a veil too!

More to come!!


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