Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Tiny Project: Apollonia

Hey Y’all!

I just made this little hair rosette as a 40th birthday gift for my manager at work…she’s cool, I’m lucky J
Up until a few weeks ago, our desks were next to each other.   Every once in a while, she would
regale me with tales of her teenage years in the 80’s.  I’ve seen pictures too.   Her hair was epic.  I learned the secret to uber-big 80's hair: Hot Stix on top of a spiral perm with Aqua Net.   What’s the best part of these stories?  Her source of style inspiration and measure of coolness was the 1984 film and accompanying album Purple Rain.
In honor of this, I made her a rosette with deep purple ribbons in satin and organza…her name is Apollonia.
And here's a little Prince and Apollonia awesomeness for your viewing pleasure:

Kathleen –In Oakland

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