Monday, October 25, 2010

Bonus Round: Another Halloween Costume –The Kitsch Witch

Hey y’all,
Here’s another Halloween Costume that I’m working on….

Who doesn’t love a classic kitschy witch?  The good & pretty kind that you see on Disney’s "made for TV" movies starring Debbie Reynolds??

This one is NOT not a princess, but it IS made from a re-purposed dress, petticoat, and every bit of orange and black trim I have on hand.   The only thing I had to buy was MORE orange thread!

An all-black version of the white dress I’m using for the Ozma costume…..purchased earlier this year at a cheapie, “Forever 21-type” store in Berkeley, CA.

I started by trimming the sleeves and bottom edges of the skirt/underskirt in bright neon orange and hologram thread.  Just a simple zig-zag stitch on the widest setting.  I went over each edge 2-3 times for extra brightness.

This is one of those slutty black petticoats in nylon tricot by Leg Avenue…the kind you find at every Halloween store.  It was purchased a few years ago and NEVER worn.

On the petticoat, I removed the elastic from the waist, and separated the 2 tiered layers.  *One layer I will save for a future project.  For the remaining layer, I carefully snipped off the ruffle trim, and edged the tiered skirt with thread, just like the dress. 

I repeated the same stitch treatment on the ruffle trim….9 yds of pre-gathered goodness!  And yes, that’s a Miller Lite tallboy in the background….DON’T JUDGE!

Part of the ruffle trim I stitched to the edge of the lace overskirt...

The rest of the trim I placed in a spiral formation going up the overskirt.  *The tiered ruffle portion of the petticoat was stitched to the underskirt ofthe dress for extra fullness.
This week, I will be finalizing trim placement on the sleeve and neckline:

More to come!!

Kathleen -In Oakland

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