Monday, October 18, 2010

Princess Ozma …A.K.A. “Mom”

Hey y’all,
So…I am re-purposing/re-cycling a dress and accessories to make a Princess Ozma Costume…
“Help me step through the glass, Dorothy.”

My 1st attempt at making a Princess Ozma Costume was back in January.  I only had one week to make something, so all I had time to do was create some pieces:
January 2010:
Collar made from brocade gold scraps
and green ribbons, worn over a
simple muslin empire gown
I already had on-hand.

January 2010: Wire headdress inspired by the costume from “Return to Oz” and the various cover art images from the Frank Baum books.


White Lace knee-length dress I purchased earlier this year at a cheapie “Forever 21-type” store in Berkeley for like 20 bucks.  This will become the Princess Ozma Gown.

Sparkly bright green edgestitching I added to the bottom hem and tulle ruffle on the underskirt.

The dress, with my old Ozma collar thrown over it, and green ribbon laced up the front.  ***I am not happy with the optic white shade of the dress. 

Since the dress is made from 100% cheap poly and nylon, I decided to separate the bodice and skirts and sponge paint the pieces in various shades of ivory, gold and pearly green.

Stay tuned for more progress on the Ozma Costume once the pieces are dry!
It's gonna be fun, and invloves green hologram thread.....woot!!!!

Kathleen -In Oakland

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