Tuesday, October 12, 2010

H.R.H. Princess Toadstool

T minus 19 days and counting until Halloween!  I hope everyone is getting their shit together.  I always fall for the trap thinking that I have plenty of time then before you know it, BAM!  I’m staying up all night for the last three days before the parade.  BUT NOT THIS YEAR!
I have pretty much finished the BF’s outfit.  All I have left is to make one accessory and fix his pants.  I can’t go into detail as I have been sworn to secrecy on his costume.  If I say any more I risk life and limb.  Therefore we will have to discuss my costume.  I hope that’s enough for you, it better be.

So for Halloween 2010 I have chosen to be the first lady of video games, Princess Toadstool*, AKA Princess Peach, AKA Nintendo’s Jackie Kennedy.  She’s a vision in pink taffeta and the envy of all the female Nintendo characters, and that includes that broad from Metroid.  Earlier this year I made giant skirts to wear for me and my pals during a “Gone With the Wind” viewing party.  I felt that this costume was a perfect opportunity for some repurposing.  It wasn’t the easiest thing to make so I would feel bad just letting her go to waste.
While watching some “Mad Men” in bed the other night, the man next to me holding my dirty vodka martini on a silver platter, wearing a low cut "come hither" little number, I came up with the design for the top portion of my costume.  Now I’m not sure if any of this is accurate to any period, and as you can tell I’m not following the actual design of H.R.H. Princess Toadstool.  But that’s not the point!  I like the base design Nintendo has, but I want something with more impact.  I’ve seen all the Comicon pictures of large ladies (and some creepy dudes) in their Toadstool outfits and it just makes me sad how little effort was put in.  In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, “Hold on to your butts!”  This costume is gonna be the shiz!  I can’t guarantee I’ll look all that good from the neck up, but everything else is gonna be a sight!
Philip – In Brooklyn

*Disclaimer – I want to point out that I do not regularly dress like a lady (not that there is anything wrong with it.  I don’t judge).  In fact this is the first time I’m going as a lady for Halloween since the 10th grade!  I was Janet Reno, well Will Ferrell’s SNL version of J.R.

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  1. Your design for the top half is perfect. You are so very creative... Like it very much and I can hardly wait to see your pictures from Halloween..


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