Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Les Vintages

So I was scouring Ebay this week to see what kinds of vintage patterns people currently have listed; when I came across a treasure trove of unparalleled magnitude!  The seller Ryphat has a multitude of French fashion magazines with sewing patterns in them.  Coutless issues of "Mode Universalle" and "Mode Illustree".  The kicker?  They date from the 1870s to the early teens!… You read right!  Some are original and some are reprints.  Either way, WHO CARES?!  If I had “Fuck You Money” I would buy every last one of them and stock pile my apartment like some loser from that show “Hoarders” on A&E, check your local listings.
The only reason I’m putting this link on here is so that you, my loyal readers, will purchase these and give them to me periodically as gifts; tokens of affection for how much you love me.   No buying them for yourself!  You can buy them for Kathleen.... BUT NO ONE ELSE!

Philip - Brooklyn

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  1. I have a head & shoulder shot of My Great Aunt Molly with a hat very similar to the one on the very top right. I have it on my mirror because I always thought she had style! I like very much the slimmer dresses, not so many undergarments. Summer would have been pure hell for us ladies in those days...


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