Monday, October 18, 2010

She’s Crafty! Halloween: West Coast Entry

Hey y’all,
I just had a very productive weekend creating fabulous costumes for Halloween!!

As you can probably tell from Philip’s posts, this year’s Halloween them for Patterned History is “Repurposed Princess” 
While Philip is utilizing a previously made skirt for his Princess Toadstool ensemble, I will be re-using a dress and accessories to make a Princess outfit too….here’s a little hint:

Emma Ridley as Princess Ozma in Disney's "Return to Oz" circa 1985.  Hands down, one of the greatest Disney movies EVER made.  Costumes designed by Raymond Hughes.

I have always loved the Art Nouveau style in which Ozma is depicted 

And here’s a little magical awesomeness for your viewing pleasure:

Kathleen -In Oakland

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