Saturday, October 16, 2010

Makings of a Princess

             Just a quick update on my H.R.H. Princess Toadstool costume. So I've taken the Waist Band apart in an effort to make it smaller so it sits higher on my natural waist. As it was the sheer weight of that monstrous skirt was pulling is down somewhere in Shakira territory. Not very appropriate for royalty.

             My waist band was cut to be worn high and tight just under my rib cage.  When I say tight I'm not lying!  I made the waist band to finish 3 inches and i backed it with stiff horse hair interfacing generally used on coats.  I cartridge pleated the top tier rather than gathering.  It looks so much fancier! 
             I used the above cartridge pleating technique using gingham as a guide.  Kathleen brought this trick to my attention.  I used 5 rows of stitching with 1/4" Gingham.  Instead of spacing my basting stitches out so far (as shown in the photo) I followed the check for my stitch placement. As you can see the result were marvelous!

             I already have removed the green lace off the bottom tier.  I have to add one more tier to the bottom which I will make from a contrast color that I am using in the bodice.  Why do I need to add one more tier?  It looks long enough you say.  Did I fail to mention I built a hoop skirt for this bitch?  Hells yeah I did!  And since the hoop circumference is so big it picks the skirt up off the ground.  Oh well no bother.  I'll just have to make it look that much better!  My next update will be about the hoops.  That's all for now.

Philip - In Brooklyn

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