Friday, October 22, 2010

Infinity WHAT!? Infinity Star!

           Oh yes my friends... I'll be needing a place to keep all my things on Halloween-er, so bring on the accessories!  Of course I wouldn't want my "bag" to blend in with my ensemble so I opted for the Infinity Star.  The yellow contrast is the bee's knees!  All I used for the pattern was the basic star tool on Adobe Illustrator and printed it mad big.  So far I've appliqued the eyes on.  Up next is to insert a zippered pocket in the back, add a small elastic strap for my wrist (so it stays close when I'm out getting loaded) and stuffing that little mofo.  I have a feeling he's gonna be a hit!

Philip - In Brooklyn


  1. awesome, I'm thinking my shell should be a backpack. that would hold a lot of 40's


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